Customer: Netflix
Location: Copenhagen
Launch of the series Maniac in Scandinavia. A brain scanner measured the brain activity and emotions when watching something. This was the first time a brain scanner was ever used for these purposes in Europe. The two Danish influencers Mette Lindberg and Simon Jul used the brain scanners and Netflix measured their reactions to the series Maniac.
Campaign: The theme was ”Maniac is a matter of perception”
Print, influencer, and social media campaign in Denmark.
Creative agency:

Leadership as a coach

Customer: Spiideo
Campaign: Content marketing where video and blog was created to highlight the topic how to handle your leadership role as a coach.
Creative work: I produced, filmed, and edited the film, took pictures, and wrote the blog.


Customer: Netflix
Location: Copenhagen
Launch of the series Disenchantment in Scandinavia.
Campaign: Event production, 3D-printing, social media campaign
Creative agency:

The Innocents

Customer: Netflix
Location: Oslo central station
Launch of the series The Innocents in Scandinavia.
Campaign: Print campaign (OOH), video production, production and installation of two-way mirrors. The film appear in the two-way mirrors when a person look into the mirror. These were the first mirrors of its kind ever created in Europe.

Beyond the obvious

Customer: Canon Europe
Launch of two new DSLR cameras in 28 countries and in 28 languages (EMEA) This brochure was printed in 1 million copies for EMEA and used for placement in stores.
Campaign: In-store brochure, video production, and microsite.
Creative agency:


Customer: Netflix
Location: Stockholm
Promotion of a new season of Ozark in Scandinavia. Campaign launched at the same time as the Swedish elections were held. The play on words copy has a direct link to the election.
Campaign: Print production (OOH) on Sergels Torg, native ad and a spread in D.N lördag (Swedens largest national newspaper).
Creative agency: We are yours
Media agency: Wavemaker

Visit Skåne

Customer: Tourism in Skåne
Location: Malmö
Launch of new website in German and English for Visit Skåne.
Campaign: Rebrand of Visit Skåne where I wrote explanatory articles and new design and photography were added.
Creative agency: Odd Hill

The truth will come out (Sanningen kommer att segra)

Customer: Netflix
Location: Stockholm
Launch of the series Making a murderer in Scandinavia.
Campaign: Print campaign in D.N. lördag (Swedens largest national newspaper).
Creative agency: We are yours
Media agency: Wavemaker


Customer: Fairfood
Location: Amsterdam
Campaign: Online launch of new website with this as the new visual identity.
Creative work: Vincenzo Vigliarolo

Behind every great woman…

Customer: Netflix
Location: Denmark.
Campaign: Launch of the final season of House of cards in Scandinavia.
Print and OOH campaign in Denmark.
Media agency: Wavemaker

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