To portray society as a whole and its people. To seek and report the truth, regardless of who tells it. That’s what journalism is to me. In my reporting my aim is to inspire understanding and dialogue. In text, image, and video. If it impacts you, it will affect me!


Previous assignments that shows my storytelling in text, image, and video. I portray life stories, situations, and human struggles. Customers include the Washington Post, Al Jazeera, and Goldman environmental prize.


Video journalist, writer, reporter, photographer, researcher. I shape-shift like a chameleon and tell a story in text, image, or video. In this quest for truth and to elucidate the full story, I cautiously choose the right medium. To give voice to everyone.

About me

This chameleon goes on every mission with the same enthusiasm. Nothing is too complicated, too fast, or too strange. My curiosity, empathy, and drive are my strong points. And I make sure we have fun together.


Sometimes you’re in a hurry and sometimes you need to plan for future needs. No matter the situation – get in touch.