About me

I believe in challenging habitual patterns of thinking. To create content (words, images, video) to move, inform, entertain, and change. The end product is called storytelling, marketing, journalism, and communication.

As a journalist I immerse myself, clarify, think about different angles, and keep it short. I listen and challenge. Both you and myself. I like to question and be questioned because it’s only together we can create something unique.

Even more about me

For more than ten years I lived in Amsterdam and my working languages are Swedish, English and Dutch. Now that half of my family is Dutch I have one foot in Sweden and the other in the Netherlands – and work globally. I’m curious about people’s situations, experiences, stories, and struggles and it shines through in my content creation and how I collaborate. The same curiosity has led me to assignments working for multinationals, NGO’s and start-ups. My mindset is strategic and long-term and execution is swift and efficient.

What’s your goal? I’ll help you achieve it.

Sometimes you’re in a hurry and sometimes you need to plan for future needs. No matter the situation – get in touch.