Previous assignments

A populist surge is pushing some progressive Dutch toward the right

Customer: Washington Post
Location: Amsterdam
About the right-wing parties’ in Europe, their progress and a portray of who votes for them.
My role: Videographer and researcher.

I want to be part of the solution

Customer: ETC
Location: Malmö
Feature about the Goldman environmental prize winner Krystal Ambrose.
My role: Journalist and photographer.

Nuclear vs. renewable energy

Customer: Al Jazeera
Location: Germany and Amsterdam
A short feature about nuclear energy vs renewable energy. This part is about solar energy and its future role.
My role: I produced, researched, and interviewed.

The illegal hunt for wolves

Customer: Uppdrag Granskning, SVT (public service TV-documentary show with 3 million viewers every week)
About the illegal hunt and the animal torture of wolves in Scandinavia. We worked with hidden cameras and undercover. The program was made in cooperation with NRK. (Norwegian public service channels)
My role: Researcher. For this program, I received an honorary mention for best environmental research in Sweden.

A tourist in Amsterdam

Customer: National Geographic channel U.K.
Location: Amsterdam
About how to stay safe being a tourist in Amsterdam. Focus on drug use. For the U.K. travel show.
My role: Researcher.

Miniature world championship in soccer

Location: Amsterdam
Feature about a mini world championship in soccer held in Amsterdam.
My role: Videographer, producer, journalist, and editor.

Brothels run by prostitutes with the support of the city of Amsterdam

Customer: ETC
Location: Amsterdam
Feature about brothels being run by prostitutes under the supervision of the city of Amsterdam.
My role: Journalist and photographer.

Weightlessness with Stephen Hawking

Customer: The Cover Story | Granangular
Location: Amsterdam
About Stephen Hawkings trip into the universe in specially built planes from NASA.
Role: Journalist

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