Timing, a moment, an emotion, framing, a thought. Put these together and you get a great image. Whether it’s photo or video. A great picture is a cooperation between the person behind and in front of the camera. However, few are comfortable in front of the camera and that’s why my focus is not merely on the picture but also on the person in front of me. Contact me if you’re in need of a videographer or photographer that will capture that moment. 

Commercial video | photo content

Need a photographer or videographer to strengthen your brand? Want to express what makes your employee unique? Or capture the essence of your product? Or something completely different? See previous assignments.

Editorial photo | video content

To take in the human being behind the story. To find that person’s expression or the beauty in a quirky detail. I produce videos and images for any audience and deadline. Among my customers are Washington Post and Al Jazeera.

About me

This chameleon goes on every mission with the same enthusiasm. Nothing is too complicated, too fast, or too strange. Curiosity, empathy, and drive are my strong points. And I make sure we have fun together.

Sometimes you’re in a hurry and sometimes you need to plan for future needs. No matter the situation – get in touch.