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SEPT 2014 - MLB galerie - Amsterdam

"Dreams awake" - exhibition with Berber Oostenbrug.

JAN 2014 - JAN 2015 - Nhow - Rotterdam

"A place to meet, experience and create with peer forward thinkers in creative industries, the arts and innovative businesses, as well as architecture lovers and city travellers."

NOV 2013 - GUP gallery - Amsterdam

Photo book launch New Dutch photography Talent where Anna-Maria is featured.

DEC 2011 - JAN 2011 - Portraits and abstracts exhibit Albelli - The Hague

MAY 2010 - Portraits exhibit Crea Uva - Amsterdam

APRIL 2009 - Portraits and abstracts - Eljaröd, Sweden

During Easter, every year, app. 2 million people from Sweden and northern europe travel to the south region of Sweden for the national art tours. It's a well known event in Sweden.