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With both parents in journalism Anna-Maria practically grew up in an editorial office, with all that comes with it. Anna-Maria has travelled six months through Latin America, three months through Asia and three months through the U.S but since 2006 she is based in Amsterdam. From November 2016 she is partly working from Sweden as well and from both places she covers northern Europe as a freelancing journalist, producer and photographer. 

She has worked for among others Washington Post, Al Jazeera, WWF and National Geographic Channel and has had several international photo exhibits. She has also worked as a researcher for Uppdrag Granskning, a well known investigatory reporting documentary show in Sweden. One of the programs she worked with received an honorary award for environmental journalism in Sweden in 2004. 

Her working languages are English, Dutch and Swedish. 

For more in-depth information about Anna-Maria's background please see work or contact.