Some call it storytelling. I call myself content specialist, because there’s no better word for what I do. My passion lies in creating content with the ultimate goal to move, inform and change you. To do so, I work with images, words and video. The output is called marketing, information, communication and journalism. You can call it whatever you want. 

My journey started in journalism. In every assignment since, I’ve approached information the journalistic way. I dig deeper, look at a story from different angles, answer all the necessary questions, keep it short and make sure to create content with an added value to you. Regardless of who you are. That’s why my business is called Full Story Media. 

My feature for Washington Post

A project I worked for in Netflix

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I’ve lived in Amsterdam for more than 10 years and work in Swedish, English and Dutch. Half my family and friends are Dutch, which is also why I work in the “small” regions Benelux and Scandinavia. None of my customers are the same and I really appreciate that. I’m by nature curious about human conditions, experiences, stories and struggles and it shines through in my content and what kind of colleague I am. 

My curiosity has led me to work with non-profit organisations and in the private sector, for start-ups and multinational corporations. I think long-term and perform short-term. That’s because of my strong belief that deadlines are deadlines, whether it’s three hours or three years. I also don’t procrastinate. Simply because I love what I do. 

Few people learn something every day. As a freelancer, it’s one of the privileges to be able to. To me, it’s even become a goal. I enjoy being challenged. In as many ways as possible. To get to know a new organisation and the people behind it, different strategies, special technologies and diverse systems is all something I appreciate.  

Ultimately, I’m interested in what you want to communicate and how I can help you achieve that.